Hola! Adapting the lifestyle of a new state is not easy. And when you have a limited time to relocate, you look out for a better alternative to get settled. Halanx has been there for such people who are searching for a flat for residential purposes.

Finding a rented flat in Delhi has never been easy if you are from another state. Halanx tells you exactly what and how you should find a flat in Delhi.

We have this heart warming feedback from one of our clients “ Neha Sharma”. She is in Delhi to complete her medical studies. Hailing from nawanshahr, Punjab, she had to face difficulties in finding a perfect flat. One of her friends recommended her Halanx, and today she is referring her mates the same.

“I have been living in Delhi for 5 years now. I can recall the instances I have faced during my house hunting. I was clueless about the things I should opt for. I tried a lot of things without even knowing where I was going. I was so lost in the search of a perfect flat that I by myself don’t remember how many flats I have rejected. Sometimes I didn’t like the owner, roommates, locality and numerous reasons.”

“I couldn’t the take help of my family, else they would have called me back. So I was on my own.”

There can be many ways to look out for a property in Delhi. Let us help you find some interesting ways.

#1 Know that in Delhi, We call it 'Flats' not 'Apartments'

Alright! You want to be cool and stuff but the people you are going to meet can be typically desi (well most of them).

#2 'Arrey bhaiya roaming pe ho kya?'

To avoid such comments you should get number that is of Delhi only. Come on help the local economy a bit! Although these days people have Jio numbers and the roaming is free but still, you should get a Delhi’s number because the network range differs. Believe it or not but it is true.

#3 'Real Estate Wale Uncle'

Go and find a property dealer around the area near you. There are a number of people you will find who belongs to real estate business. They charge a specific amount as ‘commission’ but will help you find a flat in Delhi.

#4 'No Need To Pay Brokerage'

‘Online rental providers’ Today everyone carries an Android phone. So there would not be any difficulty in downloading the number of apps. Compare the prices and tap on the listed property you like Mynd Property, Rentberry, Zoylo, Halanx. They provide easy move in and move out and zero brokerage facilities that works as a gem for a newcomer. Just one stop for all the housing queries.

#5 'Arrey Yaar Apne Bhai Ko Bol Na Jugaad Karde'

Viola! If you are in Delhi know that Delhi is mostly driven by ‘jugaad’. If someone is facing problems in getting something they opt for a jugaad (someone will arrange it for you).

Call your ‘bhai bandhu’ to help you out in the house hunting. He/She may know a person who can help you in finding a flat.

#6 'Ye Sahi Lag Raha Hai Bhai'

how to find a flat in Delhi

Do not just settle down on your first visit. We are not asking you to reject it but at least keep the options with you. Find more flats, calculate and compare, know the pros and cons. And then finalise your flat to live in.

#7 'Bhaiya Bahar Se Hun Toh Lootoge Kya?'

Well, in most of the cases you will find that the broker is charging you too much.Which is one of the most common problems faced by tenants. You have to become a bargain boss here. Brokers have the kind of mindset that the person is out of state so they can charge the hell they want. NO! We do not have enough money. Right? So, just compare and invest wisely. Try to bring them down at least 10% of what they are asking you for.

#8 'Sir Please Sir, Student Hun Itna Kaha Se Laaun?'

Some property dealers ask for a security deposit and 2 months in advance. As if we have that kuber ka khazana, arrey bhai agar hota toh hum ghar rent par kyu lete?

Try to negotiate with your dealer to pay a security deposit and not the rent in advance.

#9 'Arrey! Aunty, Aapne Paneer Try Kiya Kya? Maine Banaya Hai!'

Well, consider yourself lucky if you have a lady owner. Try to impress her by calling her over lunch or something. Even if you don’t have a lady owner try a similar thing with your male owner.

#10 'Arrey Uncle Aap Recommend Kardo na'

If you have left your last flat for some reason and you still have good relations with them. This is your chance, ask them to help you out.

The renting process can be terrifying sometimes. But it is OK. we can manage. No? Those noisy property dealers, annoying owners, rules and regulations set by owners. Uff! Such pain in the ass. Neha says:

“After browsing about online property management services I landed on Halanx one day. I was so happy with their services, they made my move in and move out so easy that it didn’t even made me feel like I was moving from one place to another. I didn’t have to pay any commission, I was free from owner’s interference, I am enjoying my space with freedom, I can come whenever I want to.”

“I have had a lot of difficulties in finding a perfect flat for me before I encountered with Halanx. Today I live with my roommate and I am so happy that I had Halanx by my side. I do not repeat the mistakes that I had done before. I look upto Halanx for any property related issues.”

Well, we are overwhelmed with your response Neha. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We hope that it will inspire the people who are in search of a rental property. We wish to have more clients like you.

Got your own story? Write to us at support@halanx.com.