Common Problems Faced By Owners- How To Fix Them?

common problems faced by owners

“You never pay your rent on time!” 
“Who will take the responsibility of the damage you have done?”
You must be a property owner if you know what we are talking about. And hell yes! We are talking about the most common problems faced by owners.

Getting a good quality tenant is such a task. What to do? How to fix the common problems faced by owners? Don’t worry Halanx has got your back. We have listed down the pain points of owners with their solutions below:

Bad Reputation About The Area Of The Property:

“Nahi uncle ghar to sahi hai par locality nahi sahi!”
When your house is perfect but not the locality , what can you do about it? The easiest way to escape from it is either to lower down the rent or sell it off and buy another property in a tenant-friendly locality.

Or what else you can do is to take the help of Halanx and we will make sure the maximum benefits from your property to you.

High Brokerage Payments:

“Pure mahine ka kiraya toh aapko hi dedunga bhaisahab”
Ever been in a situation like this? This is the most common problem faced by owners. Dealing with brokers is another task. Not only do they ask for a month’s rent as their commission but also they are cold-hearted when it comes to finding a tenant. The agony strikes when you have specifically mentioned the type of tenant you want. Here’s what you can do: Go for an online property management company to get this done for you. Halanx makes sure that you will get verified and good quality tenants only.

Frequent Eviction:

“Is mahine rent nahi diya toh next month ghar khali karna padega”

There comes a time when you feel something suspicious about the tenant and you evict him from your property. Or in another situation you may have your relatives that are visiting you for an overseas trip. Obviously you would be knowing it before his arrival. But you will have to ask your tenant to leave the property immediately, which leaves a bad impression also.

Here’s what you should do:

  • In case one:- A tenant ( who is not a good fit for your property) can be evicted by providing him the one month prior notice. Let him know why you are evicting him. And make sure that the next tenant is verified and genuine.

  • In case two:-  We know its hard for you to leave your tenant helpless but have no choice but to ask them to vacate the property. What you should do is to have a tenant for a small period of time. Sign the agreement for specific number of months.

Lack Of Verified Tenants:

Another common problem faced by owners. Getting a verified tenant is stressful and time consuming. You cannot just evict every tenant you get every time. Sometimes the goons comes to an owner dressed up like the innocent ones and signs the agreement by just saying few sugar coated words and later you realise that he is none like that.

What to do?

There will always be risks of getting unverified tenants if you approach a broker. And to avoid such circumstances you should go for online rental property management just like Halanx. They will take care of each and everything. From getting a verified tenants to the hassle free move in and move outs.

Security Deposit:

In many cases an owner has to face problems with tenants refusing to pay the security deposit. Even if they do they think that the amount will be adjusted in the time period of living so they skip paying for the first two months or the time period the security deposit has been taken for.

What to do?

The civil code clearly states that an owner can take the security deposit from a tenant for the expenses to be made on the property given to the tenant, unpaid rent and the damage done-on-purpose by the tenant.

Lack Of Understanding With Tenant:

“ Nahi bhai tum nahi samajhte baat ko”

  When you and your tenant have begun to argue on everything, know that you guys are on different levels. You guys have understanding issues. Apparently, know that there are people to accompany you with this as it is one of the common problems faced by owners.

To avoid: Be firm and informative about the conditions you are putting at the time of agreement signing. Be polite even when the tenant doesn’t want to hear you.

Late Payment Of Rent:

“Uncle bhag nahi raha, rent de kar hi jaunga”

This is what you get an answer when you ask your tenant to pay rent. Getting a rent from a tenant is not only financial difficulty but also stressful and time consuming, you have to ask for rent again and again.

What you should do:

One: You can take some legal help. As it is illegal not to pay rent and occupying a space without the owner’s consent.

Two: Avoid all this ‘jhanjhat’, Download the app ‘Halanx’ from Playstore or iOS. All your from worries from getting a verified tenant  to all issues to him will be taken by Halanx. Also, we make sure that the owner will get rent by the 3rd of every month.

Violation Of Rules:

“Daaru hi toh pi hai, kisi ka khoon toh nahi kiya!!”

Another common problem faced by owners; few tenants just don’t pay any head to what you say. If your tenant doesn’t follow any of the rules as stated in the agreement you can evict him immediately.

Legal Troubles:

Nobody likes to get in trouble either normally or legally. It’s stressful, time consuming and sets boundations. If your tenant gets involved in one be prepared that the inspection will be done at your property also. No need to get afraid of anything just keep calm and follow as per the officers says.

Property Management Issues:

It is not a delight for an owner to keep up the update with the management issues. But it is important to maintain your property as beautiful as your property is the more chances of getting speedy occupancy and higher rent. Stay updated with what is ‘new’ in the market.

Tenant-Neighbor Issues:

“Bhai tumhara kirayedaar toh bohot badtameez hai”

Usually it’s not you but your tenant who is disrupting the neighbors. Let it be, not everyone likes everybody. Just ask your tenant not to indulge in any unwanted fight unnecessarily.

Damages Done On Purpose:

It has been observed often that few tenants does damages purposely. Just deduct the total cost of damage done from the security deposit at the end of tenancy period.

Due Bills:

Another disgraceful act that a tenant does. He doesn’t pay off his bills and leaves the property.  Pay the bill as it’s your own property and don’t refund the security unless all the dues are clear.

Difficulty In Raising The Rent:

Though it is legal to raise a rent at the time of renewal of agreement but few owners don’t know how and how much rent they should raise.

What to do? Read our complete guide on ‘how to raise a rent with minimum spending.

Bottom Line:

Tenants are just like your another child that you have to deal with. The common problems like: Paper Work, Delayed Rental Payment, Unverified Tenants, Damages Done On Purpose. But at the end every problem has a solution. And Halanx makes sure that no owner should face any of the problems.

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