Common Problems Faced By Tenants

common problems

Settling down at a new space is not always easy. Especially when you are going for a rental property. You should know how to compromise, say yes to owner for almost everything they say even more.

You can experience some really pissing incidents that you may not think of. We have listed down some common problems faced by tenants during the stay at a rental property.
Pay a very good attention to #9!

#1 Security Deposits

Generally owners take 2 months of rent as a security, but sometimes the owners disbelief that if a tenant is a student then they should take more of the security deposits ( misconception is: tenant will not give rent on time). For instance they may take 3-5 months’ rent as a security deposit.

#2 Professional Issues

You may find some owners who may have the issues regarding your profession. If you are a model the owner may have issues with coming late at home and may have issues with your lifestyle or the way of living. They may make you recall the conditions again and again. And may ask you to find a flat for yourself.

#3 Use Of Low Quality Material

Well this issue is very rare to be faced by any tenant. But in few cases, the tenant has to go through situations like if they want to hang a picture on a wall but they cannot because they nail is falling out from the wall. Taps are of low quality, that they start dripping very often.

#4 Non-Working Or Missing Promised Amenities

There are few owners who promise you to give amenities but they fail to. Or they may give but not working properly. It has been observed tenants saying that “I have a washing machine provided by my owner but it is just for the namesake.”

#5 Long Bills

This is one of the major issues faced by tenants, You can see most of the tenants saying that they get a long digit electricity bill even when they hardly use the appliance.

#6 Time Duration Of Water

This problem will surely hit you if you are not a morning person. Usually the water timings are between 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. This sets a boundation to get up in between these timings only. You cannot have water after these specified timings. Sometimes the water is so dirty that it is not even usable.

#7 Rules & Regulations

Woah! The term itself is so intimidating. Owners set certain rules and regulations which may or may not be followed by a tenant for some reasons. And when an owner is not trying to listen to the reason a tenant is specifying it becomes really hard to live like that. There can be times when the rules are meant to keep a tenant under control only.
Rules like: “Get home by 9 p.m. or else you have to stay outside thereafter” . If a tenant has a job and his working hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Obviously then how would he manage to reach at 9 pm.

#8 Maintenance Issues

There comes a time when you face a maintenance issue that needs an owner’s approval to get fixed. A tenant may feel that the owner  is not paying attention to the issue and you are getting it hard to compromise with.

But when you opt for an online rental property management app like Halanx, they take responsibility for the maintenance issues.

#9 Conflicts With Your Neighbors

New place, New neighbours! You obviously don’t know about the neighbours and that could land you in trouble sometimes. Few people just want to be superior just because they are living in the area for so long and every person around them follows what they say.
Or even if you play loud music at your home and some behen ji comes and asks you to lower down the volume rudely.
It is always like a cherry on the cake if you can get to know about your neighborhood in advance. Halanx provides a “Chat with your neighbor” option, so that you can chat with your neighbor to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

#10 Parking Issues

“THIS PARKING SPACE IS OURS, YOU CANNOT PARK HERE.” This is another stupid reason that tenants have to face. The residents in your neighborhood mark the places as their own, just because they are staying there for a longer period. And if a tenant’s visitor brings his own vehicle to the place your living, you have to go with him to get him a ‘suitable parking’.

#11 Trouble With Another Tenant

This problem is mostly comes with the tenants who are living in shared rooms. There can be problems like one tenant does not like the way another tenant lives. “He’s too messy!”, “He’s too particular” etc.

#12 Visitors Of A Co-Tenant

Visitors of a co-tenant may be his family members or friends. You will have to adjust the way you live according to them for sometime. It is unwanted but sometimes you just cannot help.

#13 Owner's Interference

Some owners are possessive about their property. They keep on checking the house and may ask you to get it right. Or may involve in the way you live to make you change it. Or they may just ask you to follow them.

These are some of the common problems faced by tenants. These can be annoying and compelling at times. But what can be done? Owners will be owners and neighbors will be neighbors. You can find the alternatives like Halanx to avoid most of the above mentioned issues or You can find the solutions here
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