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4 Ways To Find A Flat In Delhi Without Brokerage!

without brokerage

Finding a flat in Delhi has never been easy. Especially when you are not from Delhi. Where to go? Whom to go? Where can you get a flat in Delhi without  brokerage? The storm of questions hit us whenever we think of moving from one place to another. Is it true that one can find a flat in Delhi without brokerage at all? It is true, you can find a flat in Delhi NCR without paying any brokerage. How? Find them below.

With the growing population it has become impossible for some to buy a house of their own. Sometimes there are occupancy issues, financial issues and sometimes just the size of the area. In an area like Delhi, it has now become harder to buy a house of their own. We believe that renting is better than buying. Not only because it saves our money but also it gives us the freedom to move to the place we want rather than sticking to just one place.

Renting from brokers may cost you a lot of money. You must try to avoid it. Think of something which can save your money. We are surrounded by technologies, which is making our work easier day by day. With smartphones in our hands we can find anything by just tapping on the screens.

There are a number of options available on the websites like Housing, Magicbricks, 99acres etc. that can help you find the perfect flat you are looking for. You can call the owner directly that will save the brokerage from both sides. You can search If you are not satisfied with the results of one website you can jump on to another.

What facebook? Yeah, facebook has become the renting and buying platform also. Search at the marketplace. The listings at the marketplace helps you in getting the right house at the right price and it also provides the direct contact with the owner. Also, you can join groups that help you in getting a flat in Delhi for zero brokerage. Post your requirements, the owners will contact you directly

Recommendations help you in almost every aspect of your life. Why? Because it comes from the people we know, people we put our faith in, usually our friends & family. And even if you don’t then also the local recommendations from your local guide and vendors might help you in getting a house you are looking for. They won’t charge you a penny and will direct you in finding a rented property.

Halanx is an online rental property management & neighborhood app that you can download from your play store. It is a platform where you can find well furnished flats in Delhi, Delhi NCR. Halanx provides well furnished rental apartments/flats that have all the amenities like washing machines, sofa, bed, cupboards, refrigerator, WiFi etc. at unbeatable prices and ZERO BROKERAGE. It focuses on the outlook of a tenant and that’s why it has an in-built “chat with your neighbors” & “neighborhood news” feature. 

The Bottom Line:

It is a painful thing to give away your hard earned money to the brokers. Not sure what to choose? The help is not far away. We can find a flat in Delhi without brokerage by visiting a website, recommendations from friends & family, local guides, online rental management apps.

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