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Renting Is Better Than Buying – 5 Reasons To Know Why!

renting is better than buying

"Renting Is Better Than Buying!"

Why renting is better than buying? Everybody comes up with their own perspective and the debate is never ending. There is a myth that buying will save your money than spending it on a monthly basis. But we will tell you why we are being contradictory to this.

Owning a house is not for everyone. There can be many reasons that not everyone can buy their own house! Financial unavailability, locality, flexibility in lifestyle etc. We can assure you why Renting is better than buying.

So if you are sitting their in front of your laptop screens or holding your smartphones scrolling the random feeds about renting and buying then just stop there because we have 5 reasons why renting is better than buying!

#1 Flexibility In Moving From One Place To Another

“Why would anyone want to leave their own house?”
Maybe you don’t feel the need to move from your house. But the majority of the people are now travelling from one corner to another for their studies, work etc. (You are lucky if you don’t have to travel like this). The money you are spending on travelling can be paid as rent by living near your workplace/college.

“I wish I could live there and not here”
Your own house brings a boundation of living in the same place for years and years unless you select another one. But in a rented house you can move to a place wherever you want. Just complete your tenancy period and move to another place.

#2 Sharing And Splitting Is Easy

“Bro! I’ve got a roommate and now I pay half the rent!”
You can split your rent when you have a roommate, meet new people and can remove the urban loneliness. 
Whereas owning a home will keep you away from meeting new bonds and relations. Roommate is just like a in-built best friends. You can share and prepare meals together and more.

#3 Your rented house value will not affect you

“I bought this house four years ago and the value is not as profitable as it should be”
One of the best things about not having own house is that you are immune from the changes in market price. You don’t have to save 20% from your salary for down payment. You are free from the market fluctuations and you don’t have to worry about the depreciated value of your property. No burden of selling and buying of property.

#4 It’s Less Expensive

“The landlord will pay the tax!”
Another reason that justify the term renting is better than buying is you don’t have to pay taxes, no need to worry about the maintenance of the property, house insurance, savings for down payments etc. There are many things that an owner has to know about how to maintain property. Luckily if you are living on rent you don’t have to think about all of this at all.

#5 Exclusive Amenities

“I am getting all the amenities and I don’t have to pay anything extra”
Here the situation is a little dicey, If you are booking house from Halanx then you will have access to all the amenities of houses for which the charges will be included in rent. But if you are booking a house from a broker; there you will have to pay brokerage and that broker may or may not give you the amenities. Halanx provides homes as per your exact need at zero brokerage.

The Bottom Line:

Renting is always better than buying because you can choose your own neighborhood, sharing is easy, it is less expensive, you can choose your roommate, you can get assured security, you can invest elsewhere, travel around the globe freely and you can have the exclusive choices to live wherever you want.

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